Green Tea Fat Metabolism
Visceral Fat Benefit

Green tea fat metabolism includes visceral fat burning. This is a harmful type of fat that produces the apple body shape and is linked to type 2 diabetes.

Green tea promotes weight loss through a number of ways.

Cell culture studies found that green tea is especially effective in blocking fat cells from growing and multiplying.

Green tea also inhibits the enzymes involved in the fat storage process and promotes the enzymes involved in the fat oxidation process.

End result? A powerful fat burner.


But it is not just any type of fat. Researchers have found that green tea is particularly good at burning visceral fat.

Fat deposit on the hips and thighs produces the pear body shape.

Fat deposit around the abdominal cavity, intestines and internal organs produces the apple body shape and is called visceral fat. It is a particularly harmful kind of fat and is linked to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

In one 2004 study, mice were fed diets containing 2% green tea powder for 16 weeks. Visceral fat decreased by 76.8% in those receiving green tea compared to the control group.

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