Green Tea Diet Versus
Other Popular Diets

Why would you choose a green tea diet over other popular diet plans? Let’s compare.

If you are trying to lose weight, following a tea diet will make everything easier. It will complement any other popular diet plans that you choose to follow.

Want to know why many other popular diet plans are merely short term fix, whereas drinking tea is a viable long term strategy?

Low Carb Diet

The low carb diet, whether it is Atkin’s, South Beach or Suzanne Somer’s, has a wide following. The main premise is that cutting carbohydrates out of the diet will help you lose weight.

You may be surprised to learn that excessive eating and inactivity are the main reasons for obesity, not carbohydrates. Low carb diet works mainly because it is low calorie, not because it cuts off carbohydrates.

Though you will lose weight while on a low carb diet, as soon as carbohydrates are reintroduced, you will regain the lost weight. Though there are many bad carbohydrates with little or no nutritional value, there are plenty of good carbohydrates that are necessary for B vitamins and fiber. So, eventually you will need to consume them.

In contrast, green tea diet doesn’t necessarily advocate cutting out any particular food group. You can eat any healthy food you enjoy.

Maple Syrup Diet

The maple syrup diet is another very low calorie diet (VLCD) to add to the list of fad diets that have come and gone over the years.

Whether you drink sticky concoctions of syrup or eat a grapefruit with every meagre meal, it will help you lose weight.

This is because the diet incorporates few calories. For the same reason, you are guaranteed to regain the lost weight later.

Maple Syrup Diet and other Very Low Calorie Diet can be harmful to you in the long run. Starvation reduces your metabolism, which causes your body to increase fat storage. You might be losing weight, but you are also losing muscles, which reduces metabolism and make it easy for you to regain weight later.

In contrast, green tea diet raises metabolism and burns fat, making you leaner and more energetic.

Blood Type Diet

One of the silliest diets, the blood type diet is based on skewed studies and anecdotal testimony. The idea is that your blood type will dictate the type of foods that will help you lose weight.

When you begin to follow a regimented plan, instead of eating whatever you want to eat, you only eat certain foods in prescribed amounts. Less calories are consumed and voila! Weight is lost.

In contrast, green tea diet doesn’t use such trickery. Green tea weight loss effects are proven to work, as numerous scientific studies have consistently shown. By eating healthily and exercising regularly, tea diet helps keep you slim and energetic.

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