Green Tea and Oral Cancer

A positive finding from a 1998 green tea and oral cancer study.

A 1998 Chinese study revealed that drinking green tea helps treat the pre-cancerous lesion of oral cancer, also called oral mucosa leukoplaki.

Aged between 23 to 28 years of age, 32 patients with a pre-cancerous lesion participated in the study over 6 months.

They drank 3 cups of green tea and applied a green tea and glycerin mixture directly to the lesion each day.

For 38% of the patients, the lesions reduced in size by 30% or more. 59% of the patients did not see reduction in their lesions, but cancerous cells decreased significantly.

While this is a small study, it provides yet more evidence that green tea prevents cancer. Further human studies are needed to understand how green tea can be used to treat cancer.

This pilot study was presented to the 1998 symposium in Washington D.C. by Ning Li from Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Zheng Sun from Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and Junshi Chen from Beijing Dental Hospital.

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