Green Tea 2010 - Real Time Update

by Julian

Want to follow the progress of the 2010 green/white tea harvesting season? Every time a new tea is available to ship, I'll add my comment to this article.

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Comments for Green Tea 2010 - Real Time Update

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Mar 14, 2010
Sichuan early harvests
by: Julian

As at today, March 14, only three early harvests green/yellow teas are available:

- Mengding Ganlu (Sweet Dew)
- Mengding Huangya (Yellow Buds)
- Zhuyeqing (Bamboo Leaf Green)

All threes are AAA graded, with the Mengding Ganlu tea as being astounding.

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Mar 14, 2010
March 20
by: Julian

Next batch of 2010 teas will come in soon after 20 March from Eastern China, featuring:

- Dragon Well tea. King, Jipin and AAA grades should arrive before 25 March.
- Biluochun tea. AAA grades.

Both teas are available for pre-orders now.

Mar 15, 2010
my order
by: Jose Martinez

Hello I´m Jose martinez Sanchez from Spain
Please confirm my order and payment by

Mar 15, 2010
2010 harvest
by: Anonymous

Hello! I'd like to follow the 2010 harvest.

Mar 16, 2010
RSS thingy
by: Ian

I believe in the Chinese New Year! (clue: it starts in March).

Mar 20, 2010
Longjing and Biluochun
by: Julian

I have been drinking the three new launches the last few days, am very pleased with the quality.

- Mengding Ganlu
Sweet and light, very refreshing and caliming. Like Biluochun. Subtle and poetic.

- Yellow Tea - Mengding Huangya
First tasting using boiling water seems good. Rich body, suspending buds.

- Zhuyeqing
Beautiful buds. Rich body. Very long aftetaste.

Longjing tea season is likely to start around 23 March. Same for the two AAA graded Biluchun tea.

Julian - updated 20 March

Mar 20, 2010
Patiently waiting for Longjing
by: George

I just discovered your site today and I'm glad I did. I'm looking forward to the Longjing season.

Years ago, I enjoyed Longjing because a friend hand carried tea from Xi Hu, showed me how to brew it properly and gave me some as a gift. Now I look forward to enjoying this tea again.

Mar 24, 2010
Dragon Well and Biluochun is shipping now.
by: Julian

Dragon well tea harvests started on 21 March. We are starting to ship our pre-orders. More info will be given in tomorrow's Newsletter on this year's harvest.

(This season is tougher than last year but we are keeping the same price. Expect our quality to be even more significantly higher than competitors this year, but quality to be slightly lower than last year's.)

We will also start to ship Biluochun tea shortly.

Julian - updated 24 March

Apr 04, 2010
Next batch coming...
by: Julian

A quick update, we are shipping all the Biluochun AAA grades now, as well as the Dragon Well tea AAA grades and above.

This year has been very cold, so we are still waiting for the harvests for Dragon Well A and B grade to take place. In any case, we expect to start shipping all the Dragon Well tea grades by 7 April, as promised.

Next coming are the Silver Needle white tea and a newly launched green tea called Anji Baicha. We are launching a very high grade of Anji, so price will be higher, but as usual, newsletter readers will get a 15% pre-launch offer.

Updated to 4 April 2010

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