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Free Tea Lunch Offer!

A fantastic free tea lunch menu that serves up four choices of electrifying ebooks to keep you entranced over a hot cup of tea!


The Dragon Lady's Secret Manual -  A Guide To Green Tea

Put an end to disappointment by learning how to avoid common pitfalls.

This little ebook answers 12 important questions to help you discover your next great tea. Written by myself, it contains some of the most popular articles found on this site.

Main Course

You have three choices on the main menu:

For the Philosophers: The Book Of Tea

"Who am I? Why am I here? What is life?" As a child, I asked myself these searching questions. According to Kakuzo Okakura, the mysteries of the universe can be found in a cup of tea.

Follow Kakuzo, the greatest tea artist of this modern era, through a journey of enchanting history, philosophy and art appreciation.

Written in 1906, this tea book is perhaps the best loved of English language tea classics. It has been translated to over 30 languages.

For the Socialite: The Little Tea Book

My young daughter is now starting to babble along, and one day, she would ask "Dad, where does tea come from? Why do English people drink Chinese tea?"

Fortunately, with this book, I found the kind of answers that she will remember for a long time.

A timeless gem, this mesmerizing ebook is full of unforgettable tea stories, culture, history and quotes to liven up any tea table gossips and discussions. A perfect companion to your tea table.

A great idea for a tea party, reading tea leaves  is easy with this indispensable guide.

Take a cup of tea, turn it 3 times with your left hand and wait for the leaves to settle down. There you are, lying in front of you - a symbol that everyone can read and interprete using this ebook.

It may be a dog, a cucumber, a star or a crab! Comes with a comprehensive symbol dictionary and 20 diagrams. Imagine all the fun and laughter you will have!


After the main course, take a stroll and have a hot cup of tea. When you feel ready, the dessert is ready to serve!

Best of all, this delicious tasting dessert comes around every month... you can stop it anytime you want (but I bet you won't!)

Ever since its launch in April 2007, every issue of this personal letter to my dearest tea friends is packed with solid research and useful tips to address your tea concerns.

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