Fantastic Site! Just Returned from Hangzhou...

by Tom

Tea on the Hill Side

Tea on the Hill Side

Hello Julian,

Fantastic website.

I was lucky enough to visit the Dragon Wells area outside of Hangzhuo this year and sampled the best teas I have ever tasted.

I would like to compliment you on your website, which reflects exactly my experiences and sentiments. Having traveled through several provinces, you are correct in saying that what you offer is indeed rare within China, never mind outside of China.

I hope that your customers took advantage to order the early pickings, as having tried numerous teas picked at different times of the year from the same plantation, there really is a significant difference from good to excellent. In fact you don't even need to taste it, you can smell the difference immediately.

Although I did bring back some tea this year, Looking at the website and your obvious passion for good tea, I will be coming to you for replenishment of this wonderful green tea.

I am 40 minutes away from Horsham so if possible when I order I would like to pay in GBP, let me know otherwise.

Best Regards

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