Essiac and Breast Cancer
A Testimony

An inspirational Essiac and breast cancer testimony from O C of Watford, United Kingdom.

My wife, M-A was diagnosed with inoperable breast cancer (grade II) at the beginning of January 2008. She had one large and several smaller tumours in her left breast. The left axillary nodes were affected. There was an enlarged node within the chest wall and a tumour above her left collar bone. Within about three weeks, M-A had given up dairy produce, adopted an anti-cancer diet similar to the one you advocate and begun taking two herbal supplements, Ganoderma and noni juice. She avoided animal products completely while she had active cancer.

At the end of January 2008, M-A began taking Essiac tea, just before beginning chemotherapy. The adverse side effects of the chemo and later radiotherapy were greatly alleviated in M-A’s case with the help of herbal tablets. Aloe Vera gel applied topically during radiotherapy helped the skin not to get too red or painful. By halfway through the chemotherapy, the tumour above the collarbone was undetectable. It took six weeks to decrease from about the size of a broad bean to nothing. By the end of the chemotherapy, none of the tumours were detectable by physical examination.

During August 2008, M-A started taking Bitter Apricot kernels as an additional anti-cancer herbal medicine. On 30th September 2008, she had a second CT scan which was compared with the first one taken in January. It revealed no cancer. I requested a copy of the report which stated in part, with regard to the largest tumour, “The soft tissue mass in the left breast is no longer visualized, presumably removed”. Of course it wasn’t removed as M-A had no operation but the scanner was unaware of this.

M-A and I feel that the cancer has disappeared as a result of a combination of dieting, herbal and conventional treatments. We do feel that the Essiac played a very important role. We are both currently taking Essiac as Sheep Sorrel solution and the herbal formula. And prayer was crucial. So many decisions and so much uncertainty in the early stages, it really was crucial for us.

We hope all this information may be of some help to those suffering cancer and thank you for all your help at the Clouds Trust through such a difficult time.

Yours faithfully


Watford, October 2008


This letter has been published with permission from the Cloud Trust, a registered charity based in the UK dedicated to helping those who have been diagnosed with cancer through the use of Essiac tea and related products.

For the past 10 years, the Cloud Trust has been growing and distributing the Essiac herbs worldwide, including the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

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