EGCG Green Tea Extract
A Buyer's Guide

Why you may benefit from EGCG green tea extract. Which supplement brand is the highest quality?

As you may already know, green tea has many health benefits, which range from helping to decrease the risk of certain cancers, infections, and cardiovascular disease to preventing rheumatoid arthritis.

You may also have heard that green tea can help reduce cholesterol and boost immunity, plus (!) it can help us lose weight.

To really enjoy those benefits you need to drink anywhere from 3 to 6 cups of green tea a day. Unless you are an avid tea drinker, it may be hard to drink that much tea each day. Perhaps a green tea extract is an easy way out?

Which One?

If you have certain medical conditions, you would like your EGCG green tea extract to be caffeine free. And even more importantly, given the concern we have about pollution and pesticides, you would like it to be herbicide and pesticide free as well.

As far as I am concerned, there is only one product that meets these stringent standard: Teavigo.

When buying, look for the Teavigo guarantee seal. Their seal means that the product you are getting has gone through an extensive safety program.

They offer the highest purity level of green tea extract (at least 94% is EGCG) so that you can be sure you are getting a potent, unadulterated health supplement.

The company DSM has done extensive scientific research to help support the health benefits that their green tea extract offers.

The supplement can help your body get rid of the toxins known as free radicals, that we consume every day in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the drinks we consume.

One scientific research study showed that even moderate intake of EGCG will help overweight people reduce both heart rate and the plasma glucose concentration in the body.


For non-tea drinkers, an EGCG green tea extract such as Teavigo is a good health supplement. It helps you get the recommended amount of green tea without having to walk around with teabags and a tea pot all day.

It also offers many health benefits: improved immune system, body cleansing by removing toxins, and decreased glucose concentration so that you have a stronger heart and body.

Think about it.

Check out my review of Teavigo here.


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