Dragon Lady's Secret Manual - Lots of useful information!

by Daisy
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

This green tea guide is full of lots of interesting and useful information.

It tells us many of the benefits of drinking green tea, and how it can help with weight loss and disease prevention.

The compounds in green tea are described clearly and their relative benefits discussed. I will certainly be drinking more green tea from now on!

I would like to see more information about current and upcoming scientific research studies regarding green tea. While many experts are quoted, there could be more information about what is happening in the current science labs around the world (although I do realised later most of these detailed scientific findings are found in the site!).

This green tea guide is a great place to get information about just why green tea is beneficial, how much you need to drink, and what side effects you should be wary of. I found it a very useful and easy to read.

Thank you Julian, for making it so freely available!

Green Tea Guide - Revealing The Secret Manual

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