Dandelion Uses
Replace Coffee and Lose Weight

Three powerful dandelion uses that you must know about.

Dandelion Uses #1:
Tastes Like Coffee Without Side Effects

If you are trying to give up coffee, dandelion root can be an excellent substitute in the morning. It can give you a “grounded” type of energy without the caffeine side effects.

With one teaspoon of dandelion root in a cup of boiling water and a touch of agave nectar, you can make your own beverage just as quickly as you make a cup of coffee.

Dandelion coffee is usually made from dandelion roots that are slightly roasted and ground for ready use. The powder is said to be almost indistinguishable from real coffee, and is claimed to be better than lower quality coffee, which is often adulterated.

Dandelion powder can be mixed with true coffee or chocolate to give it a better flavor.

Health food stores in California can’t keep a product called Dandy Blend on their shelves because of the high demand. Dandy Blend contains not only roasted dandelion root but also roasted chicory, roasted rye, roasted barley, and beet root for sweetener.

Many people report the beverage tastes just like coffee. One teaspoon of the herbal mixture per 8 oz. cup of boiling water instantly dissolves, just like instant coffee.

In the UK, a product called Dandelion and Burdock is a popular soft drink. But it is unclear whether the drink actually contains extracts of either herb.

Dandelion Uses #2:
Beat Uncontrollable Water Weight Gain

Smart women who tend to gain water weight around their menstrual cycle use dandelion root faithfully, and they can fit into their smallest sized pants during the entire month. The herb has no known side effects and very low toxicity.

Fitness guru Gillian Michaels famously drank dandelion to help lose water weight fast. Here is a quote from her blog:

Everyone struggles with water retention. Whether you ate too many carbs the day before or you are hitting that time of the month; water weight is NO FUN. I found this recipe for “Dandelion Lemon Tea.” Jillian Michaels swears buy it!

This recipe is not meant to help you lose body fat, rather, it’s a quick fix for big events. The tea helps to flush out toxins and water; revealing a leaner, more cut look for your big day!

Here is Jillian’s Recipe:

60 ounces distilled water, one tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice, one dandelion root teabag, 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Allow teabag to steep, and then over the course of a day, drink the entire 60 ounces of tea.

Dandelion Uses #3:
Aid Digestion

And that is not all.

If you notice you get a tummy ache after eating too many potato chips, too much butter, or too many rich foods, a cup of dandelion tea can relieve the ache, stimulate better digestion, and let you get an entire night of peaceful sleep without indigestion.

For further information about what modern science says, read Dandelion Health Benefits - Healing Herb or Folklore?

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