Daily Detox Tea Review
Chinese Long Life Herbal

A pleasant tasting daily detox tea, the Long Life Herbal blend claims to use a 400-year formula reserved for Chinese emperors. Does it work?

In the early 80's, Dr. Steven Chang and his student John Lindseth founded Wan-Tso, which became the Long Life Tea Company.

According to Long Life, Dr. Chang's grandmother was the last royal physician to serve an emperor in China - the Empress Tse Shi. The family recipes for Long Life Tea had been handed down from generation to generation and eventually to him.

In 1995, the Lindseth family sold Long Life to Country Life (a leading vitamin manufacturer) to carry on this tradition and bring this daily detox tea to the world.

It is marketed as a centuries-old safe formula, a tea rich in antioxidants that supports the liver. It is made with organic herbs (whatever this may mean!) and is caffeine-free. Here is how the company describes the tea:

Long Life Herbal Detox Tea was developed over 400 years ago by the Royal Physicians at the request of the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

The Emperor was very specific - his tea must provide pleasure and health, have an attractive appearance and a pleasant aroma. He instructed that these four characteristics must be met. Today all Long Life Teas follow these same principles.

Each Long Life blend follows the philosophy of Chinese Herbal Medicine bringing balance and harmony. We proudly present 400 years of heritage in every cup of Long Life Tea.

Chemical Composition

Well, that is a nice little story, but the bottom line is what is in the tea? Is it merely a pleasant-tasting and aromatic tea or does it really have health benefits and detoxify the body? Let’s look at the ingredients to find out.

Long Life Daily Detox Tea ingredients are listed below, along with their specific functions.

Herbal Ingredients
Organic Licorice Root Kidney detoxifier
Organic Spearmint Leaf Liver detoxifier
Organic Cinnamon Blood sugar regulator
Organic Dandelion Root Liver and gall bladder detoxifier
Organic Burdock Root Blood cleanser
Organic Echinacea Herb Immune system booster, blood cleanser
Sarsaparilla Root Skin detoxifier
Roasted Chicory Nutritive, flavor enhancer
Cocoa Nutritive, flavor enhancer
Yellow Dock Root Liver detoxifier


The combination of herbs makes it a gentle body detoxifier that also tastes good. However, additional herbs are needed in some of the organ detoxifier categories, and thus it can’t be considered a stand-alone or self-sufficient detoxifier.

This combination would be a good choice for someone who has used herbs off and on in the past and is ready for a second level of cleansing.

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