Colon Cleansing Tea Alert!
Herbal Detox Versus Psyllium (Fiber)

There are two types of colon cleansing teas: those based on psyllium (fiber) and those based on herbs. From a herbalist's point of view, there is a huge difference between them.

Some cleansing teas will say on the label that they are a Colon Cleanse, but after reading the list of ingredients, you find that the only herb/plant in their formula that could possibly have any effect on the colon is psyllium.

When you see this, it is a red flag indicating that the company does not know about herbs and is preying upon people's lack of knowledge.

Psyllium is a plant that is primarily fiber, and although fiber will bind to chemicals and toxins in the intestinal tract, it does not have the special properties of detoxification that you are looking for.

If psyllium is the only herb in the formula for cleansing the colon, that product is not a colon cleanser. Here are some tips from Tom Venuto, author of the excellent Burn the Fat ebook (reviewed here!):

Colon Cleansing Tea Tip #1:

Avoid products that make unsupported weight loss claims. Some of the most false, misleading and even illegal claims for cleansing products are based on the idea that somehow a cleanse can cause more fat to be lost than what can be achieved through the calorie deficit alone. They also deceive readers into thinking that greater weight loss is the same thing as fat loss.

Instead, simply increase your fiber, fruit and vegetable intake from whole foods. If you have serious, chronic constipation problems, please consult a doctor.

Colon Cleansing Tea Tip #2:

If you buy a fiber supplement, don't pay a lot. If you ever take a fiber-based supplement product, for whatever reason, check ingredients and understand what they do, shop carefully and compare prices.

Some of the multi level marketing (MLM, aka network marketing) companies are forced to make huge markups in price in order for their business model to work (so they can pay commissions to their down line distributors). As a result you sometimes pay outrageous prices for products you could get for a fraction of the cost in your local grocery, health food or drugstore.

Colon Cleansing Tea Tip #3:

Watch out for enthusiastic commissioned salespeople (who are NOT nutrition experts). This is another caveat about MLM; the distributors often provide convincing "personal testimony" to the effectiveness of their products. But of course. They are distributors, which is why you see so many evangelically enthusiastic supporters out there.

How enthusiastic? The top MLM cleansing and detox company today has $400 million in sales and created 18 millionaires in their first 5 years of business - that statistic being quoted directly from an associate after their annual meeting.

Testimonials don't mean much to begin with unless they can be truly verified.  They mean even less when they come from biased salesmen who are raking in the dough and who have no scientific background or training in nutrition.

Prefer Herbal Detox

Instead of psyllium, go for a proper herbal detox tea. For further information about selecting a colon cleansing tea, read

Cleansing Tea For Daily Herbal Detox

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