Clay Teapots - How I Collect My Favourite Five

by Rob

Here are my favourite five clay teapots:

Teapot 1

The orange coloured pot and cups came as a set, which I bought in Ying-ge, Taiwan. This is a very famous area in Taiwan for producing ceramics.

The set included:

- a 200 ml pot and matching tea-boat
- six of each serving and smelling cups
- serving trays
- a warming bowl

All of this for the price of $26. Ca. in 2005.

This was my initial baozhong/oolong pot which has now been designated to varying oolongs.

Teapot 2

The brown clay teapots on stands, at the front and rear are XingYi pots and were bought online for $12. and $20. They are used for raw and ripe pu-erh teas.

Teapot 3

The brown pot on the front of my cha-pan (tea tray) is a XingYi pot purchased in Shanghai for about $30. Ca.

This is my TGY pot. It came with a photo of the artist/potter holding the pot.

Teapot 4

The darkest coloured clay teapot on a stand is my Baozhong pot. It is another hand-made, XingYi pot that I purchased in Zhuhai for a little less than $30. Ca.

The walls on this pot are so thin that it rings like a bell when tapped with the lid. The cha-pan (tea-tray) was purchased in the same tea-shop for $35.

Teapot 5

The small green pot is also from Ying-Ge, in Taiwan. It was a gift from a friend who also gave me the utensils. I use it for TGY also.

The gawain is from a travelling set that I bought online for $12. Ca. The set include: the gawain, a serving boat, six small cups, a small set of thongs and a travelling bag.

The glass tea-boat was purchased in Vancouver for $8. The stands were also purchased in Vancouver for $4.50 each.

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