Chinese Gourmet Tea
Who Else Want My Friendly Offers?

Exceptional quality Chinese gourmet tea at insider's prices.

Amazing Green Tea is only barely 2 years old but is already attracting nearly 15,000 readers every month. Most of them found this Chinese tea shop through personal recommendations.

Imagine: you have trusted friends owning the best tea gardens in the world. They reserve for you the highest quality teas at the friendliest price. Would you be interested?

When you buy from tea shop, you'll be dealing directly with my friends HQ, Shen and Hu. Theirs are the teas that I drink every morning with a smile on my face.

How can you enjoy high quality tea without getting to know your growers? As much as 70% of your money recycles back to the tea gardens - providing a win-win situation for all concerned.

They love it when I tell them how much you enjoy their teas.

These high grades are grown in high altitude mountain, in naturally organic conditions.

All teas are unblended and unflavored. They are still hand harvested and handcrafted the time honored way.

When I say highest quality, I mean it in the absolute sense. These high grade teas are as good as or better than those sold in the poshest shop in Beijing.

Tea Shop - My Top Three Recommendations

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