Best Tea Shop Online - On Three Teas I Bought

by Frode

Excellent teas from an excellent shop.

After buying from different tea-shops both locally and on internet during the last few years, I find that the teas from Amazing Green Tea always are among the very best in my tea collection.

Like most people (?), I can tell the difference between good and excellent products, whether it's about stereo speakers, red wines or green teas. But I find it difficult to put into words exactly what makes one better than another. I don't have the vocabulary/experience to do that. But I can say this:

Bitterness is often the most obvious quality when tasting tea. Make it strong enough, and many teas taste bitter, often high quality/expensive ones too.

It is when brewing with the optimal amount of tea/water/temperature/time, that I experience the big differences: The lesser quality teas mostly gets less bitter and that's about it.

The teas I get from this site though, is a whole other story; they taste so much, so good, so "clean", with lots of pleasant nuances.

Many of the teas I have tasted from Amazing Green Tea also have another very important quality: A long aftertaste that can linger with a pleasing sweetness for hours. This also contributes to and strengthens the "high" feeling I get. It's like a lot of feelgood endorphins (and a few of its comrades too) are released in my body.

A really nice flow. Or something like that;)- hard to describe.

The teas I have tasted and experienced this with is particularly in regard to:

- Longjing (A grade)

- Mengding Ganlu (AAA grade)

- Zhejiang Bilochun (AAA grade).

They all have a distinct and pleasant aroma.

While several (not all of course) other tea-shops seems to be mainly in it for the money, I get the impression that the owner here, Julian, seems to be a genuine tea lover who sincerely wants to share the good tea experience. And therefore IMHO, deserves to be supported.

In buying from small, excellent shops like this, we may also contribute a tiny bit to stimulate and maintain the variety of good stuff on the internet.

The prices for these teas seems just right when comparing to others. The teas I get from another supplier (US) include a crazy high shipping rate with taxes on top (usually 25-35% of final price).

So, I'm very happy with the free/cheap shipping from China, which somehow justifies the several cups I drink daily.

Be warned; you may very well end up like me. Hooked.

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Jan 15, 2012
Genuine tea lover
by: Léon

In my opinion, there is no doubt that the owner, Julian, is a real tea lover.

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