Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
Achieve Realistic Weight Loss

Avoid scams. Here are the five facts about apple cider vinegar diet to help you achieve real weight loss.

According to some scientific studies, apple cider vinegar may help you to lose weight. However, some companies that sell apple cider vinegar diets try to capitalize on people's desire for a quick, easy weight loss fix by making misleading claims.

Vinegar can help you lose weight, but it has not been shown to affect your metabolism at all. Before you start your diet, here are some rules to follow to make sure you get the best possible results:

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet #1:
Stay Full Longer

The weight loss studies that have been done on vinegar do not suggest that it is a miracle product.

Apple cider vinegar will not lose the weight for you. What it may be able to do is help you stick to a healthy diet plan by increasing feelings of satiety and controlling blood sugar.

A 2005 study conducted by Lund University in Sweden showed that people who had vinegar with a piece of white bread felt fuller for longer than a control group that ate bread alone.

Apple cider vinegar helps reduce the spike in blood sugar that people experience after eating. This has been shown in numerous studies published by researcher Carol S. Johnston at the University of Arizona.

A spike in blood sugar gives you a burst of energy, but as anyone who ever ate too much Halloween candy as a child remembers, that "high" is followed by a sudden crash shortly afterwards. When you crash, you are likely to get hungry and begin craving sugar again.

Eating food with vinegar give you a slow but steady energy boost that lasts longer and does not lead to a crash.

However, it has not been shown to magically melt fat away, or even to increase metabolism.

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Facts According to Science

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet #2:
Avoid Diet Tablets

Many companies sell diet pills that promise all of the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the astringent taste. However, these supplements may not work as effectively as liquid vinegar.

Liquid vinegar has been used in all studies that have shown weight loss benefits. Because tablets are digested differently, they may not have the same effects on blood sugar.

A 2005 study conducted by the University of Arkansas found that many diet pills may not be made from apple cider vinegar at all. To quote Dr.Hill:

Apple cider vinegar products are advertised in the popular press and over the Internet for treatment of a variety of conditions.

After an adverse event was reported to the authors, eight apple cider vinegar tablet products were tested for pH, component acid content, and microbial growth. Considerable variability was found between the brands in tablet size, pH, component acid content, and label claims. Doubt remains as to whether apple cider vinegar was in fact an ingredient in the evaluated products.

The inconsistency and inaccuracy in labeling, recommended dosages, and unsubstantiated health claims make it easy to question the quality of the products.

So, liquid vinegar is your best bet for weight loss. If you don't like the taste, try sweetening it with honey!

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet #3:
Take Before Meals with Honey

In the scientific studies referenced above, the subjects drank vinegar right before or during meals.

Tthe recommended procedure is to drink 1 to 2 teaspoons dissolved in a cup of water right before each meal.

Sweetening with 1 teaspoon of raw honey will make it taste better. Raw honey also has benefits of its own, including reducing hunger.

Calories in Honey: Fattening Sweetener or Weight Loss Aid?

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet #4:
Eat a Balanced Diet

Even with apple cider vinegar, you can't expect to sit down and eat a double bacon cheeseburger meal every day and still lose weight. You should limit your food intake so that you consume fewer calories than you take in.

Most people should aim for about 1,500 calories per day, but it's not one-size-fits-all. It really depends on your current weight, metabolism and activity level.

Eat healthy foods: mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoiding sugary soft drinks and fried foods will also help.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet #5:

Yes, that's right. Exercise is still an important part of losing weight. That's because it burns off extra calories and increases your resting metabolism. So, find an activity you like-it could be walking, riding your bike or even dancing. Then, start getting out and doing that activity on a regular basis.

As you can see, apple cider vinegar is not a weight loss panacea, but it can make it easier for you to shed pounds the old-fashioned way: through diet and exercise. Go ahead and give it a try-what do you have to lose except belly fat?

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