Apple Cider Vinegar
Cures, Remedies and Uses

Do traditional apple cider vinegar cures and remedies work for warts, sunburn, arthritis, gout and diabetes?

The list of traditional uses for cider vinegar is almost endless. How many of these actually work? Let's take a look at some of the common health claims. What works and what does not?

Cures #1: Warts

Can vinegar cure warts? The answer is a definite yes.

A 2003 study conducted by Hospital de Oncología in Mexico concluded that repeated topical application of highly concentrated vinegar alleviated warts. To quote the authors:

In this preliminary study, local excision plus a brief topical application of 99% acetic acid with rapid neutralization with sterile water under local anesthesia was well tolerated, without serious local complications and with an acceptable rate of recurrence (13.3%).

In addition, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that vinegar works. For example, on, many users reported that applying vinegar to warts made the warts turn black and fall off.

Sometimes the effect was permanent, but some users reported that they came back. A small minority of users said vinegar appeared to make the problem worse.

To try this home remedy, soak a cotton ball in full-strength apple cider vinegar put it on top of the wart.

Use duct tape or a bandage to get it to stick.

Change the cotton ball once or twice a day, using fresh vinegar each time.

The wart may become painful as the treatment works. Stop using the vinegar once you are able to remove the wart.

Cures #2: Sunburn

Vinegar is also a great natural remedy for sunburn.

While it will not undo the real damage that sunburn causes to the deeper layers of your skin, it can help you feel less miserable.

If you are burned all over, try soaking in a bath of lukewarm water water with 2-3 cups of vinegar in it.

You can also make compresses by soaking cloths and towels in a half-and-half mixture of vinegar and water. Apply these to the burned areas, changing them whenever they start to feel hot.

Cures #3: Arthritis and Gout

Apple cider vinegar is a common folk remedy for arthritis and gout.

Usually, 1 to 2 teaspoons is mixed in a cup of water and sweetened with honey. Take this tangy concoction 2-3 times a day, starting in the morning.

Does it work? Maybe, maybe not.

Many arthritis patients say it does, but there are no scientific studies to back them up and no accepted hypothesis that describes why it would work for arthritis.

Still, it probably won't hurt.

However, you should talk to your doctor to make sure it will not interact with any of your medications.

Apple cider vinegar is also commonly used to treat gout. Alternative health practitioners claim that apple cider vinegar tonics can help flush crystals from the joints of gout sufferers. This theory has never been scientifically tested or proven, but some gout sufferers say it helps.

Cures #4: Diabetes

Vinegar may help balance your blood sugar, especially if you are at risk of becoming diabetic.

A 2007 study performed by researchers at Arizona State University showed that participants who took 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bedtime had lower blood sugar levels when they woke up than a control group.

Another 2004 study found that it increased insulin sensitivity by 34 percent in pre-diabetic test subjects and 19 percent in subjects with type 2 diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes and you are managing it with diet only, vinegar may help, but talk to your doctor first.

One study conducted in Sweden concluded that apple cider vinegar can delay gastric emptying and make it more difficult for diabetics to predict how their blood sugar will fluctuate after meals.

Cures #5: Sore Throat

Does your throat feel like you just gargled glass? A warm cup of vinegar and honey in water can soothe it. This remedy also helps kill bacteria.

However, if your throat remains sore after a day or two of this treatment, go ahead and see a doctor.

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