A Compliment for Julian

by Tobias
(San Diego)

In a day and age of flashy web sites, diluted value, and overpriced product, Amazing Green Tea consistently delivers the best tea product I've ever ordered. The web site is packed with meaningful information and fun to visit. Also, I appreciate the very fast shipping to the USA when I bulk order my teas.


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Nov 25, 2010
Julian's Amazing Quality Oolong Teas
by: Barry

I ordered a few months ago both the Wuyi Mountain 7-1 Sampler & thePhoenix/Iron Goddess Oolong Teas and after sampling these high quality teas I just had to order more of All of them.

The packaging is distinct for each and the vacuum packaging of the Iron Goddess grade teas(Tieguanyin wang) make them taste so fresh that it makes me feel like if I closed my eyes I'm in China drinking it right after being freshly harvested & processed there; what a wonderful feeling it gives you to be able to savor the special taste & fragrances of really unique, high quality, very reasonably priced teas with added value thats unmatched by many other tea vendors I've tried.

They truly are Amazing Teas!! Thank You Julian; I promise to be a repeat customer for as long as I live!!! Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas to All in 2010!!!!

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