You Won't Believe What My Favourite Japanese Green Tea Is

by Carlene

I have several favorite teas, depending on the time of day, time of year, and the mood I'm in! I grew up drinking traditional Irish Breakfast Tea with sugar and milk. This is something I still enjoy as a comfort when I'm not feeling well. My husband and I enjoy a soothing Chamomile with some mint at night before bed. My favorite flavored loose leaf black tea is Paris, which is a fruity, caramel blend from a local tea shop.

Believe it or not, after trying many brands, my favorite Japanese Green Tea actually comes from Costco! Their Kirkland Signature Blend is 100% Japanese Green Tea that is processed in Japan where steam is used to stop the fermentation process. It also contains matcha. I love the flavor and deep color of this tea, both hot and iced.

Another premium loose leaf tea that I am enjoying on these cold days is a Winter Blend Rooibos with apple pieces, vanilla, organic peppermint, and chocolate. It is a very decadent and soothing tea.

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