Yamamotoyama Tea - Is It Any Good?

by Luca Ugenti

OK, first of all I live in Brasil so you can imagine that I can't get high grade tea so easily I even tried to make my own tea by having some seeds of the camellia sinensis, and it didn't work,so I lost interest in making tea and started looking for at least a good quality tea.

I found one named Yamamotoyama, I've been drinking it for some time now.

However I really don't know if it gives benefits (I know that it will never give the same benefits as some high grade tea).

However I really want help to find if this tea is good or should I change it to another one(and for that I need some help in finding a good one that sells in Brazilians stores)

Help please!

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Jul 19, 2009
Your tea
by: Julian

Luca, I very limited information about this tea. But the package I see online seems very "supermarket", i.e. it is not sealed air-tight in a bag. So if anything the tea will be quite low grade and any antioxidants would be largely lost.

If you don't feel the benefits, you should move on to something else.

Is it hard for you to get international shipping from another country?

I have teas that start from $5/50 gram.

Alternatively, you can also try some herbal teas that exist in your country.

This site is a good place to start. You can look under the Herbal Tea section.

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