Why Is Organic Tea Better?

by Aris Springs

Because pesticides and chemical fertilizers are simply not something that human beings should put into their bodies.

And unlike many regular non-organic foods, where a consumer MAY be able to wash off some of the residue, you cannot WASH residue from your tea, at least not if you want a properly prepared cup of tea.

In conventionally grown teas, pesticides or other chemicals that were possibly used in growing the tea plants are then boiled from the tea leaves into your water and into your body!

At Aris Springs we believe that is unwise and unhealthy.

In our opinion, organic tea is the only tea one should drink, especially if eating/drinking health is a concern.

Also many people believe (us included) that Organic Tea simply tastes better. It's healthier AND it tastes better. So at our Aris Springs, our motto is 'Organic Tea-For Health & Taste'!

You can visit us at Aris Springs Organic Tea Store

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