Which Tea Best for Brewing Half Gallon At A Time?

by Anonymous

Which tea is the best for brewing a half gallon at a time? I don't have time to brew a cup at a time.


Hey, a good candidate for brewing large amount of tea, or for making iced tea (talk about it in the winter!) is the Silver Needle white tea.

This tea has got extremely good feedback from many customers, and are popular with Europeans and Americans alike.

It is extremely versatile, and tastes sweet naturally, and leave you with good feeling.

The antioxidant is very high - you can consume it and expect it to help you lose weight, and other health benefits.

Check it out:

Silver Needle White Tea

Hope this helps?


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Dec 18, 2011
Tea amount?
by: Anonymous

THANK YOU SO MUCH JULIAN FOR YOUR RESPONSE!...I forgot to ask: how much tea to use for brewing a half gallon of ice tea. Thank you!

Dec 21, 2011
How many cups?
by: Julian

Every tea is different. How much tea leaves you need will really depend on the type of tea you are brewing.

The higher the quality, the less leaves you need. It also takes experimentation to figure out what you need to do with each tea.

For the Silver Needle white tea, I usually recommend using 3 grams for 3 cups of tea (i.e. infused over 3 times).

Half a gallon is about 10 cups.

If you infuse over 3 times to make your half a gallon, this is amount 10 grams of tea buds.

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