Which Green Tea Has Least Caffeine Content?

by LaNae Atkinson
(Mystic, CT)

Hi I really love the idea of drinking green tea for health! However I am sensitive to caffeine. Do you have the caffeine content on your site listed for all the different teas? If not, which one(s) have the least, which ones have the most?

Thank you in advance for your time!
LaNae Atkinson



So happy to hear from you. Yes, I understand what you mean by being caffeine sensitive. I am slightly sensitive too, and I get headache from drinking black tea.

The irony of green tea is the highest quality green tea - tender tea buds harvested at the onset of the spring season - tends to have a very high level of soluble solids.

What this means is that these tea buds are very tender, have a low amount of fibre, and tends to contain nutritions at very high concentration.

They have lots of antioxidants, caffeine and theanine!

The irony is that although they have lots of caffeine, they have even more of theanine, which is calming, soothing and decaffeinating.

Green Tea Caffeine -
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So the teas I tend to recommend are those with lots of theanine and very soothing. It will work with someone who is slightly caffeine sensitive, but probably won't work for someone who is very sensitive.

Teas that I would recommend are:

- Silver Needle white tea

High quality, good value. Fat tea buds contain lots of theanine due to tea plant and processing.

- Mengding Ganlu green tea

Unfortunately the 2012 crop is out of stock now.

- Anji Baicha green tea

Probably my most soothing tea. Give very high level of concentration, even help you to sleep better! But very high grade and more pricey.

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Hope this helps?


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