Which Commercial Brand Green Tea Is The Best?

by Yvonne G.
(Ontario, Canada)

Many of my women friends swear by the benefits of drinking green tea, but there are so many varieties on the market.

Is there one commercial type which is the most trustworthy?

Also, is there a proven list of benefits by drinking 2 or 3 cups of this beverage every day?


Yvonne, green tea health benefits have been researched extensively by scientists over many years.

A list can be found in my site below. Similar other lists can be found in other authoritative health sites if you do a search using google.

Green Tea Benefits - 16 Things That Make Miracles Possible

The best tasting and nutritious green tea are those the young tea buds plucked early spring (either in China or Japan) during the first 6 weeks or spring.

I am not aware of any commercial brand that carries such high quality tea leaves, probably due to the high wholesale prices these teas command and the lack of knowledge of Western drinkers.

You can find a list of my recommendations in the page below:

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I hope this helps.


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