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Feb 26, 2008
Thank you for getting back to me
by: Oz

Hey Julian,

I really appreciate you getting back to me. I will read into what you had said. However, I also wanted to get your opinion on Matcha tea (green tea powder).


Feb 26, 2008
Match Green Tea
by: Julian

I haven't done much research on Matcha, neither have I seen any studies done on it, so I can't really comment with great certainty.

However, I have recently reviewed a green tea powder in capsule form, and based on what I see, green tea powder is not any more potent than loose green tea. In fact, it offers much much less value for money due to the complex processing involved.

The key is to ignore any claim that the manufacturer made (such as "equal to many cups of tea"), and focus on how much catechins one gram of green tea powder is likely to contain). Using the USDA study as a guide, you may find that loose green tea is a better bet.

With the evidence to date, I still think loose green tea provides the best value of money and highest quality.

There is a place for green tea powder, of course, such as baking, skin care or tea ceremony (if you are into Japanese culture or Zen). But if you love your soothing cup of tea, loose tea still reigns supreme.

What do you think?

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