Weight Loss Without Wuyi Tea Green Tea- From Size 14 to 8

by Alana

I drank Wu-Yi tea for a long time and felt it had done nothing.

Wuyi Tea Weight Loss System

It tasted horrible and made me want other things a lot more. They say drinking a lot of water isn't as good for you but I drank plenty I went to the bathroom alot more but that was no problem!

I drank orange juice as well to give me a little flavor I just stuck to eating good food, I still had pizza's & chips etc on the occasion. I also took my vitimans (multi - vitamins).

I lost my weight rapidly because I stopped all my snacks and had activa yougurt with fruit bits ... which help the bloated feeling and filled me up.

I still had carbohydrates as you need them.

That's how I lost my weight and it worked a lot better than green tea and not working out as much.

I didn't work out at all as I can due to medical reasons. But I did walking instead of taking the car and swimming. They help loose weight and keep me toned.

I was a size 14 now i am a size 8 and happy as forever.

Wuyi green tea didn't work out for me, and a lot of my friends found that it didn't work out as well.

Its not really what we eat its how much we eat of it.

A MOMENT ON THE LIPS , FOREVER ON THE HIPS ... that little saying kept me going all the way!

Hope this is help to many!

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Aug 26, 2009
by: Julian

Alana, thank you for sharing. Congratulation for your rapid weight loss!

How inspiring. Refreshing honesty about the truth about weight loss rather than the usual spin from a selling company!

Green tea has a definite place for dieters, but buyers just need to beware of company over-promising and under-delivering on quality.

Further information about how to effectively use green tea for dieting can be found at

Green Tea Diet - How To Be A Successful Loser

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