Tulsi Tea - A Perfect Caffeine Free Drink

by Dave
(United Kingdom)

Tulsi is an adaptogen - a substance that help your body regulate stress - and a rich source of antioxidants. It is a pleasant tasting, caffeine-free drink.

It's available loose leaf and I buy it certified organic. While it will never replace green tea in my diet, this is what I drink on the 4 caffeine free days I have each month (one day a week).

I buy it from online health stores (usually from http://www.healthstore.uk.com) but you can buy it bulk/trade from Organic India

Here are some of the scientifically researched benefits:
1. Helping boost your respiratory system
2. Supporting your healthy vision
3. Delivering you antioxidant protection against free radicals
4. Helping you alleviate minor discomfort and irritation
5. Providing you with a calming effect and stress relief
6. Helping bolster your immune system
7. Aiding you in enhancing your stamina
8. Helping you promote a healthy metabolism
9. Boosting your digestive system health
10. Helping you maintain blood sugar levels in the normal range
11. Providing you with skeletal and joint support
12. Aiding you in supporting normal cholesterol levels

You can get more information on it's health benefits from Mercola.com

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