Try My Delicious Sun Tea Blend Using Jasmine and Green Tea!

by Bob
(Southern California)

Vessel in Sun Oven

Vessel in Sun Oven

This is a recipe I created for a great sun tea brew. My wife has become so fond of it that I am brewing (rather, our life-giving Sun is) tea outside twice weekly sometimes now.

The tea I use is a blend ratio of approximately 4:1 Huang Shan Maofeng Grade A and Moli Jinzhen Grade AAA. I never measured/weighed the tea, but I would guess 8 grams:2 grams is plenty - you will find what works best for your taste. This produces a very delightful mildly jasmine flavored tea which, after brewing and cooling, is refrigerated and taken as a cold or iced refreshment during summer. And it is quite economical!

I use a small muslin bag (I prefer this to metal in the water) with drawstring and place the tea leaves inside. A 1 gallon volume clear vessel with clamping lid is filled with water - we use a locally available spring water rather than the fluoridated/chlorinated chemical elixir delivered to our house. The muslin bag holding the tea leaves is placed into the water and the lid is clamped down pinching the string between vessel and lid and is ready to go outside into the sun for several hours. I have been setting the vessel into our Sun Oven which allows the water to heat to near 200 degrees F. But just setting in the sun produces a fine tea too.

The tea is never bitter even after several hours heating in the Sun Oven.

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