Tea Shipping and Delivery to Singapore

by Lee

Hi Julian,

Really enjoyed your most delightful site. Thank you.

I just came back from Hangzhou with some Meijiawu Longjing. Wonderful stuff. Unfortunately not available in Singapore. Planning on getting some more from you once I deplete my current supply. Wondering if you have had any experience delivering to Singapore and if you know of any import taxation. Thanks again.


Lee, I do have several regular customers based in Singapore and they routinely buy a large quantity. Let me get in touch with one of them and see if he can reply on your query.

HQ's tea garden is Shifeng Longjing. I think you will find it very interesting to compare to your Meijiawu.

Let me come back to you later.


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Dec 31, 2008
Shipping to Singapore
by: Julian

Lee, my customer Michael who is an account has come back to me with a reply. I quote him below:

Nice to hear from you again.

It just happens that I'm an accountant with some experience in tax, so you've really come to the right person! :)

The Singapore GST (Goods and Services) tax is 7%. To keep things simple, Singapore, being a former British Crown Colony, has adopted the exact (almost anyway) same laws as the British VAT system. So most of the time, British VAT tax laws are almost the same as that in Singapore.

In theory, yes, all imports are charged with 7% GST. There are no additional duties unless it is tobacco, liquor or perfume...etc.

However, the Singapore authorities have a minimum S$400 limit on overseas purchases before they impose the GST import tax. In other words, if your Singapore customer places an order with you for S$400 and above, they will have to pay 7% on top of the value (goods + postage) declared on the package.

Hope this clarifies things.

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