Tea Packaging Materials

by Douglas
(Mesa, AZ USA)

When a tea sample is ordered from you, and shipped, how is it packaged? Bag, box, tin, or what? I know keeping air out is so important, and if it takes 2-3 weeks for delivery, how do you keep tea fresh?



Douglas, all the teas are shipped sealed in an air-tight polyfoil laminate. This is the only way we know how to keep the tea air-tight, which is really important for the high grades (both green and oolongs) we sell. Some vendors use re-sealable bags, but they are not air-tight.

Green tea samples come in 10 grams per packet. Our advice is you open one packet at a time, and try to consume within 3 months.

(Regular size 50 grams per packet.)

Oolong tea always come in 7 grams per packet.

We used to ship with tin (to enclose the polyfoil), but this has been disallowed by the immigration.

The tea is cold-stored since harvest, and because it has always been kept under air-tight conditions, it will always be fresh when it arrives after weeks. If it doesn't, you will be covered under my 100% Money Back Guarantee (but I am sure you won't need this).

I hope this helps answer your queries.


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Aug 22, 2011
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by: Ranga

What is the impact of UV rays to tea in a packet?


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