Tea Bags vs Loose Tea - How Much Antioxidants?

Is the antioxidant level in tea bags less than loose tea?


Hey, the level of antioxidants in tea depends on many factors.

Generally speaking, you can expect loose tea to be higher quality, and therefore contains more antioxidants than tea bags.

This is a general rule of thumb. Of course, there exists high quality tea bags, just like there exists low quality loose tea.

Here are some general observations I have accummlated over the years, which you may find useful:

- Green tea has more antioxidants than black tea

- Tea buds have more antioxidants than matured leaves

- Tea stored in air-tight conditions have more antioxidants.

- Tea brewed hot and consumed fresh has more antioxidants.

The thing to bear in mind that antioxidants such as EGCG is very reactive and easily interact with oxygen in the atmosphere. That's why the highest quality tea is always cold stored and air sealed.

Tea bags usually come in particles, which left them highly exposed to environmental degradation.

I hope this helps.


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