Tea Antioxidants After First Infusion

by Julian

After the first infusion, what is left of green tea antioxidants?

Question: I've read on your site that subsequent cups of tea after the first have minimal caffeine. Is the same true for antioxidants, etc.? I know it still tastes good but is anything else left?


Dick, in term of the solubility of tea compounds, caffeine and theanine and far more soluble than the polyphenols (the antioxidants which include catechins, EGCG and the like).

Which means later infusions would have more of antioxidants than caffeine.

One scientific study has found that on average 70% of caffeine dissolves after 5 minutes.

Which would imply that 2nd and later infusions would contain less caffeine, and probably even theanine.

As you rightly asked, how much antioxidants remain, even though we know there is more of them?

Unfortunately, I haven't come across a scientific study that gives me a definite answer.

What we do know is that tea flavours are related directly to the levels of these beneficial tea compounds such as catechins, theanine and EGCG.

Read scientific study at Best Green Tea Chemical Markers Revealed

Therefore as long as your tea tastes rich and flavourful, it should contain high level of nutritions.

Keep drinking!

Think of it this way:

Take a low quality green tea and drink 3 cups of first infusions. Then compare 3 infusions coming from a high quality green tea - I think you will see the difference.

A high quality will feel more soothing and refreshing.

Trust your palate. It is telling you something.

Hope it help, please feel free to leave your comment if you have further questions.

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