Stainless Steel Electric Kettle - My Pino Digital Pro Review!

by Pamela
(San Antonio, Texas)

WIDE-diameter heating plate is in direct contact with water, so heats fast.

All stainless, cordless, acquires and maintains specified temp, which is variable to one degree. Maintains to within 5 degrees up or down from set temp. OR will boil, then allow temp to drop down to set temp.

My initial worries about internal water level indicator have been assuaged. Just don't tip it upside-down and shake it, because the level indicator strip may come loose; however, easy to replace.

Light enough for my arthritic wrists.

I drink tea alone all day, and find it absolute heaven. NOTE: I have so far avoided putting any mineral-rich water in it, but I think it would clean easily.

The Pro, like the original Pino, brings the water to the set temp and keeps it there indefinitely. A polite 3 beeps tells you it's reached the desired temp.

Hint: to reduce temperature quickly, add some water to the kettle.

The Pino's seamless stainless steel shell is strong and light, but lacks an external water level gauge. I thought this might be a problem, but I quickly learned to sense by the weight of the kettle. There is a gauge inside which is easy to read while filling. The water inside touches nothing except stainless steel.

I've had my Pino 2 weeks now and it has become my little silver friend at teatime. Worth every penny.

I got mine online at Sweet Maria's, which is mostly a coffee place. You might find it on Amazon.

The Digital Pro is an upgrade from the original Pino Digital Kettle, which has the controls on the pot.

The Pro moved the controls to the base, which is more convenient.

The regular Pino is sold greatly reduced, at half or less the price of the new Digital Pro. It might be a great buy for someone with better hand dexterity than me.


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Feb 28, 2013
Terrible product and service
by: Anonymous

I would discouraged anyone of buying this product. I bought this in August 2012 and by October 2012 the spout was leaking. I contacted the company and demanded a refund since the product was defective and poorly conceived. Even though this was not there policy they agreed to refund me if I sent it back. It took about a month after they received to even acknowledge they had received and asked me to be patient some more as it was the busy holiday season. That's right, it was now the holiday season. Even better it took until the end of January 2013 for them to send me an email stating the had refund me 69.95. But I had payed 86$ with shipping and taxes. And I also spent 30 on shipping it back to them. The worst part is that the refund they said they issued never was issued. So I have no kettle and no refund. I pretty much call that robbery. And since they made me wait so long all delay's have expired (PayPal, visa, etc) to do anything about it.
I would strongly discourage anyone from buying this product because it is poorly conceived. Also, the company behind it does not honor their warranty.
Be very careful with an y pino product or merchandise...

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