Silver Needle Tea - My $34 Versus Julian's $10 Discovery?

by Sigurd

Comparing a Jipin grade silver needle tea which costs $34 against a similar lower grade tea that Julian (of intends to sell for $10.

Jipin grade

Said to be a superfine September 2007 harvests from Baubuxi Ballin Town Fuding City Fujian Province.

It costs 199 SEK or $34 per 50 grams.

AA grade

Julian from suggests selling this tea for $10 per 50 grams.

Low Temperature Test

Julian's tea comes out better.

At 80 degree Celsius with 2 grams in 200ml water. 3, 4, 10 minutes infusion times.

Julian's tea is clear olive green in colour. Smell is sweet and creamy with hay. Also more fruity and fresh.

Jipin grade is more sweet and smoky.

Both teas last 3 infusions well.

High Temperature Test

Jipin grade comes out better.

At 95 to 100 degree Celsius 2 grams in 150ml water. 1.5, 2, 4 minutes infusion times.

Julian's tea smelled a bit sour and bitter.

Jipin grade handles hot water better as it stills smells pleasant without any sour smell.


From the above, I would say that Julian found a decent Silver Needle tea that is good but not first rate.

First impression is that it is very close to the Jipin grade. In fact, it is better than Jipin grade when brewed at 80 degree Celsius.

At 10 dollars per 50 grams this silver needle tea is a real bargain! I would not sell it that cheap. But you are the boss.

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