Salada Green Tea Bought in the USA - Anything Better?

by Al Gapske
(Brighton, Michigan)

Salada green tea is imported from China. It tastes like the majority of other brands, and quite frankly, I can't tell the diference!

Are there really any better brands? Or do do we get in this advertisement war where you usually get a boat load of misinformation?


Al, when it comes to tea, and especially green tea, I would suggest that you skip the major brands, whether the teas are grown in China, India or other parts of the world.

Green tea is not like black tea. It is unoxidized, contains lots of antioxidants, but would need to be deep frozen after harvesting to avoid environmental degradation through contacts with oxygen moisture.

The most reliable source is to go with specialist distributor who sells spring harvested green tea buds (i.e. those grown in a short window of 6 weeks in spring), and who keeps the tea in deep-frozen conditions until shipping.

The reason for going for spring harvested green tea is that you are more likely to deal with single-season harvesting tea farm (i.e. they only harvest their green teas once a year), and these being higher quality.

And spring harvested green tea, especially those earlier ones, are sweeter, and contains higher concentration of antioxidants.

In summary, look online for these carriers. You can also try my online shop at

Amazing Green Tea Shop

Hope this helps.


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