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by Nazir
(South Africa)

As part of our mission to introduce Rooibos herbal tea to health conscious consumers around the globe, we would like to offer you the opportunity to get involved. As wholesale Rooibos tea distributors we have made it our goal to spread the word about this delicious, healthy alternative to conventional caffeinated beverages and now you can help us do so.

While South Africans may be able to buy Rooibos tea at almost any corner store or supermarket, our American and European counterparts are not quite so fortunate, and we think it is high time to spread the well being. Sound interesting? Here is how you can jump on the Rooibos tea bandwagon:

* 1. Make Rooibos tea available in your stores - be they grocery, health or beauty outlets, tea emporiums or spas.

* 2. Stock the alternative health isle of your gourmet food store with Rooibos tea products.

* 3. Put Rooibos tea on the menu of your boutique tea or coffee shop, restaurant or hotel.

* 4. Do you manage a hotel, guest house or bed-and-breakfast? Show your guests you care about their well-being by placing a selection of Rooibos teas in their rooms as an alternative choice to the caffeinated teas and coffees.

* 5. Do you run a spa? Pamper your guests with aromatic Rooibos teas as they await their appointments or are in-between sessions.

* 6. Own or manage a major airline? Offer your passengers Rooibos tea as an alternative to caffeinated beverages.

The possibilities are endless! As a wholesale client you will be able to order your Rooibos teas in large quantities packaged as individual sachets or presented in our specially designed and compartmental Suffuse boxes, or as bulk loose leaf tea, both Organic Certified and Pesticide-Free, or packaged in our Suffuse tin caddies - it's really up to you.

We try our best to accommodate our clients and will be able to advise you as to which option will best suit your particular distribution and customer needs.

If you have any further questions with regard to the wholesale or retail sales of our Rooibos herbal tea products, please do not hesitate to contact us per email at

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Oct 15, 2013
Great tea
by: ruth

I purchased 2 large boxes of Red Rooibos assorted falvered tea by mistake. It turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. The teas were full of flavor. Great product

Jan 14, 2016
Great Tea
by: Claude

I purchased a package of Suffuse Pineapple and Mango Red Rooibos Tea a few years ago and found it to be among the best of all the (many) herbal teas I have ever had. I am saddened that I have not been able to find more, but hope that it will become available as more people try it. If you have not sampled this treat, I would strongly encourage anyone to do so.

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