Regular Green Tea vs. Loose Tea vs. Hot Tea

by Anticipating Healthiest Green Tea
(New Jersey)

What is the difference between regular green tea, loose tea and hot tea? Which one's the healthiest and can I buy them at the local supermarket? Have any brands that you suggest? I want to drink as much of it as I can each day but want to have the healthiest green tea possible.


Buying the healthiest tea can be a confusing exercise. There are several approaches. I would make some suggestions here, which of course, are just some of many valid approaches.

Regular tea refers to teas that are naturally caffeinated, unflavoured and need brewing. Basically it means teabags or loose tea.

Loose tea is loose, as supposed to being bagged. They are generally regarded as much higher quality than teabags.

They are good and bad loose tea, just like they are good and bad tea bags.

Generally, for the lightly oxidised teas (i.e. green tea and white tea), the highest quality is made from young tea buds of various styles (one bud with up to 2 leaves harvested in spring).

Finally, hot tea is hot as supposed to cold. So we are not talking about iced tea here, where this instantly available beverage can contain very little antioxidants.

Hot tea is regarded as superior because catechins (the antioxidants) are very fragile when exposed to air.

Try leave your cup of green tea exposed to air. You will find that the liquor turns brown just like an apple does.

So which is the healthiest green tea? The answer is loose green tea which is made from young buds.

Which brands can I recommend?

This is quite a trickly question because I haven't come across any brand that sell quality buds. Brands prefer to mass-produce, they like to blend various teas together using relatively matured leaves that are available in higher quantities and consistent qualities.

There was a scientific study that I came across that compared various brands and found that Celestial Seasoning contains the highest level of catechins (antioxidants).

Other than this, I really do not know myself which is the best brand. I am currently working with tasters to sample a variety of brands. But this project will take some time.

Further information on what constitutes the best green tea can be found in the link below:

Best Green Tea Chemistry Secrets

My philosophy is let your palate and your feeling be your guide. High quality tea calms you down and make your body sparkles with vibrant energy and health. Experiment a few teas and you may well discover your own truth? That is how I find my favourite green tea anyway (HQ's Dragon Well).

I hope this helps. Would be glad to answer any further questions. Sorry for the late reply as I just returned from a holiday yesterday.

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Mar 08, 2012
by: Helena

WOW, I really like this post and explanation... I am a green tea lover and I use green tea bags, but I have been thinking about buying loose green tea leaves and an infuser.

Thanks again.

Jan 31, 2015
Green tea
by: Gerald

There is no doubt that regular green tea is best for our health. Some people like to drink flavored green tea. If you want the best result go for regular green tea with antioxidants. It is good for weight loss.

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