Pesticides and Green Tea

by Sam

When we drink green tea or matcha, are we consuming lots of pesticides or do the farmers do a good enough job of washing them off before packaging?


Sam, if the tea estate concerned use pesticide, especially during the time of harvest, then the pesticide will stay on.

There is no washing of tea leaves as far as I am aware.

I resolve this issue by buying teas that have been certified organic or tastes good.

Because higher quality teas (those that taste good) are grown in good conditions.

Early harvesting, infrequent harvesting, slow growth, pristine conditions where plants and pests have been in equilibrium for many years, high altitude all means there is little need for pesticide - after all, that has been the case in the Pre-Industrial days.

Organic certification suffers from the disadvantage of not being able to guard against environmental pollution, of which my main concern is lead.

So taste and quality is paramount.

Drink quality - and you find you need to drink less of it.

And drink it - don't eat it - infusion is much safer than the actual stuff.

I hope this reply helps. I wish you every success for your new tea shop.


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