Original Essiac Recipe from Native Indian

by Janice

Several years ago I found the recipe for brewing Essiac tea. It is different than all I am finding now. Mine came from a native American site which is no longer there.

In that recipe, the sheep sorrel was SIMMERED for either 15 or 20 minutes separate from the other herbs. To boil it was to bruise it and destroy its use. They were emphatic about this part.

The burdock, slippery elm and rhubarb were to be boiled for only 10 minutes at a hard boil. To boil them any softer would not release the natural healing elements of the burdock root. Letting the tri herb mix cool until the temperature was close to that of the sheep sorrel was important so as not to shock the sheep sorrel when added to the other three.

From there the recipe is the same as all others. Set for 12 hours, bring back to a slow simmer, etc. I have used this recipe for many years and although cancer runs in my family, at 67, I am VERY healthy. No blood pressure problems, nothing. I take no meds of any kind. I keep 80% of man made chemicals out of my diet. My mother died at 92, I will probably live to 100.

My question is have you seen the above recipe anywhere?

Thank you. Janice

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Sep 14, 2014
Thank you
by: Julian

Janice, very kind of you to share your amazing recipe. No I haven't seen this recipe anywhere during my research, I will definitely consider giving it a try!

Nov 03, 2015
by: Essiac

I agree this recipe is really amazing. I had never seem it or something like that. Interesting how it tastes. I should try.

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