Monkey King Tea - Highest Grade Tie Kuan Yin tea?

by Bee Ziao
(KL, Malaysia)

Is Monkey King Tea the same as Ma Lau Mi, does it also fall under Ti Kuan Yin tea family? Someone told me Ma Lau Mi tea is the highest grade among Ti Kuan Yin tea family.

Bee, I have never heard of the Ma Lau Mi tea, so I can't really comment.

As far as I am aware, there are two Monkey King brands.

One is for Jasmine tea, which is widely available all over China.

And the other is the Taiping Houkui (Monkey Chief) green tea.

I am not aware of any brands which are known as the Ma Lau Mi selling Tie Kuan Yin tea.

The highest grade Tie Kuan Yin tea is grown only in high altitude and is known as the Wang, which again can be divided into various grade, as my tea shop shows.

Does this help?

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