Lipton, Bigeolow, Arizona Green Tea Not Healthy?

by Chris
(WA state)

I've been drinking bagged green tea for the past year. I've read the tea reviews on the site and I understand that I should completely switch to loose tea.

Does this mean that the Lipton green tea and the Bigelow/Arizona bagged green tea I've been using is next to worthless?


Chris, I am not an expert in bagged tea so I can't answer this question with 100% certainty. But anecdotal evidence seems to suggest this is the case (tea bags have little health benefits) and this comes down to two things:

- The higher the tea quality, the more healthy compounds the tea leaves contain: theanine, antioxidants etc.

- These compounds are extremely susceptible to environmental degradation.

For loose green tea, this means anything exposed to ambient for more than 3 months are sufficient to cause significant nutrition loss.

What this implies is that tea bags will have little value just considering the storage and "particles" factors alone, not even considering the type of (low quality) leaves the manufacturers use in the first place.

I suppose at the end of the day it comes back to what you feel afterwards. Tea should have a very refreshing and relaxing effects on the mind and body.

Further readings at

Loose Green Tea Versus Tea Bag

I hope this helps.


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Oct 02, 2010
Crummy tea
by: Will Fourt

I've just returned to using Lipton Tea.

For many years, I have been drinking "Other Brands". My Mum and Dad drank your tea faithfully for as many yrs they were alive, thus I also was a Lipton drinker while in school.

Went out of the country with the military and got used to a tea from England but, I bought a package of Lipton the other day.

Put it into my tin container and noticed that there were a lot of crumbs in the package. I know you use that type leaf for use in your cachet, but not in your loose tea.

I am very disappointed in this bag of tea cause when I serve, I see the coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup.

Will be going back to Harney and Sons for my tea I guess. I don't like rushed old tea. Its second class as far as I am concerned.

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