Lemon with Garlic for Clearing Heart Blockages - It Really Works for Me!

by Peter
(Eden NSW Australia)

In my family there has never been any recorded case of cancer. However many heart problems. My Grandfather and Father died in their mid fifties, My eldest brother died at 66 years of age, My eldest sister at 58 years and my Nephew aged 48 all from heart related problems. Some where smokers whilst others were non-smokers and led what you would call a healthy lifestyle.

Twenty years ago I had plaque around the heart. After an Angiogram they told me I would probably need heart or Bi-pass surgery in about 15 or 20 years from that date.

One day a man I knew, who had been facing heart Bi-pass surgery for blocked arteries told me of a mixture that he had taken over 7 weeks that had completely cleared his blocked arteries. He was told he did not need bi-pass surgery.

Even though a bit sceptical at the time I wrote the mixture down for future reference.

6 months ago I gave someone a lift to move some heavy machinery around. Started to get chest pains. Thinking I had probably strained a chest muscle, but to be on the safe side, After a few days’ I started to take the mixture he had told me of. After eight weeks I still had some chest pains. So finally I told my doctor. He sent me straight away for heart scans. After I had the heart scans they told me for a man of nearly 70 years it was unusual to find little or no plaque around the heart. Hopefully the following information might help you to help someone... They also added that most of my arteries through my body were also clear of plaque.

Clearing veins and arteries, that really works.

First use fresh water to wash the lemons and garlic.
Take 6 lemons cut up including peel (Make sure the lemons are the thin-skinned types). If you can only get the thick-skinned ones simply peel the thin outer yellow peel. Place this in a heap ready to go into the mixture. Then peel off the
thick white stuff and throw away. No need on the thin-skinned lemons, just chop them up. The garlic (30 cloves) you usually get about ten cloves per bulb of garlic. Just separate the cloves and chop up (no need to worry about a bit of peel or shell), as the whole lot will be strained when finished.

Place 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic in food processor or vitamiser. Top it up with water (If you want you can add a little sugar for taste) and then vitamise.
pour into a metal pot. Then repeat the process with the other 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic. Finally was the vitamiser out with another litre of water and pour this also into the pot.

Bring the pot to boil, and then simmer for five minutes. Pour through a strainer, and let liquid drain into another pot. Finally when all the liquid has drained into the pot, leave it for some time to cool.

When it has cooled use a strainer and funnel to pour into bottles.

Note: give the mixture time to drain through the strainer. And do not keep the slurry from the strainer. Simply throw it away.

You should finish up with (About 3 to 4 Litre Bottles Quantity). Store in fridge. NOTE: DO NOT USE PLASTIC BOTTLES (Plastic bottles with filled warm or hot liquid can cause serious health problems), as plastic particles will leach into liquid in bottle. Use only GLASS Bottles to keep the mixture in.

First Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for three weeks.

Then stop for one week

Second Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for the final three weeks.

Repeat above every twelve months, or whenever you feel like it as long as you allow some time between treatments.

You can also warm the liquid if preferred, or even dilute it with water and ice for a refreshing summer drink. The lemons kill the smell of garlic on your breath. The secret of the mixture is it's easy to prepare, and inexpensive to make up.

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May 31, 2015
What caused the chest pains?
by: Anonymous

Since there was little to no plaque remaining around the heart what was causing the chest pains?

Sep 02, 2015
by: Ian

3-4l of mixture. Mate you are lucky if you get 1l.

Jan 26, 2016
Cloves artery
by: Anonymous

If l am on meds for blood pressure and colestrol and aspirin can you still do this without danger thank you

Feb 08, 2016
Narrowing of the arteries
by: Anonymous

The heavy lifting will cause chest pain from narrowing of the arteries.

Nov 25, 2016
meds for blood pressure and colestrol and aspirin
by: Anonymous

Answer to
Jan 26, 2016
Cloves artery
by: Anonymous

If l am on meds for blood pressure and colestrol and aspirin can you still do this without danger thank you

Based on my own experience, lemon and garlic mixture is safe with these medications.

Mar 16, 2017
Ready to drink
by: Praveen Kumar

You will get same combination with ACV(mother) in online Amazon India and other online health karts name is Dr. Patkars ACV with lemon+garlic+honey+ginger try this, you will get good result with in usage of 3 bottles,

May 14, 2017
Clogged arteries
by: Arun Kumar

I have been detected with blockages in my arteries
I cannot go for angiogram due to higher creatinine
so I take every day in empty stomach I take a crushed clove of garlic mixed with honey
will it help?

Jan 15, 2018
i had my arteries cleaned in my left leg but after 3 yers i still can't walk a long way
by: Anonymous

i have forgotten the name of my operation but i know my veins were blotted and my foot froze then eventually my foot swoll there was no blood getting through to my foot bad circulation and i should like to know if lemon garlic and ginger will help my condition it feels like my toes are like a claw tense and another time they feel a lot easier i have an exercise bycicle which i use to get my circulation better but am wondering if i should use the garlic lemon and ginger

Jun 05, 2018
Rain on the Parade? NEW
by: sgsolomon


I have a history of dealing with arterial plaque going back to about 5 years ago (mid-2013) when I suffered rather sever blockage in my left and right legs. Bypass surgery was recommended, and I scheduled the surgery about 6 weeks out.

I immediately began searching and studying for other "natural" remedies, which is when I ran into, (perhaps the original) Garlic/Ginger/Organic Apple-cider Vinegar/Organic Black-Strap Molasses recipe (all raw and uncooked) from a guy in Santa Cruz, CA.

To make a long story short; I started the daily regime immediately. About a week into it, I began to feel results. Just a little longer periods between leg pain after walking. The improvement remained constant - every week, until D-Day. I cancelled the surgery, and shortly thereafter, moved to San Jose. In the hustle and bustle of the move, I got off the daily routine. I felt much better, could walk much further, and figured I could pick it back up anytime I wanted to in the future. I DID keep studying though.

HERE'S THE POINT: Allicin is the active "magic" ingredient in Garlic that does the job of artery cleansing. When Allicin is heated up to above 140 degrees F, it is destroyed. Just go on the Internet and look this up for yourself. ANY cooking of Garlic above 140 degrees will change the effective compound to a less-effective residual. SO, PLEASE enjoy the recipe in this article and others, BUT, if you want it to work best, add the Garlic AFTER it is cooked and cooled down to below 140 degrees. SORRY for the RAIN! Stuart

Dec 07, 2018
by: Anonymous

Please give us your recipe.Thanks

Dec 25, 2018
Here is everything I have found that may reverse arterial blockage
by: Jim

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are also supposed to be good. They are actually enzymes that [presumably] digest that crap in your arteries.
You can get them from amazon.com:

Also Cloves, cinnamon, garlic, garlic with lemon peel, Hemp extracts containing cannabidiol, and pomegranate juice are possibly helpful.

These have all been scientifically researched and show some promise, but none have been accepted into standard medical treatment yet.

We all hope for some sort of natural cure. So far there is no REAL proof any of this stuff works. But so far medicine has proven that angioplasty-- mechanically removing plaque from your arteries-- obviously works. Proven prevention consists of keeping your blood sugar and ldl cholesterol level low and your HDL cholesterol level high. This is done through diet, exercise, and statin drugs, and not smoking or chewing tobacco.

Feb 05, 2019
Read NEW
by: Voltz

When you cut garlic after 8 minutes it releases allicin which is a health benefit from garlic there's no point in boiling it what benefits come from that? It kills all the good stuff. Lemon is lemon I'm not really sure of u about the peel I think I'll just use a press and get the juice out and mix it with the garlic after 8 minutes for the health benefits plus this person's explanation is Shifty

Mar 21, 2019
Not enough liquid
by: Krissy

Thank you for this recipe. When you say "top it off with water" do you mean feel the vitamiser with water to the top or just cover the lemons and garlic with water? I'm asking because I poured in enough water to cover the lemons and garlic and added one liter aftwards....but don't think there's enough liquid to last me three weeks if drink a glass every morning. Should I boil some water and add it to the mixture or just add 4 oz to a cup of water every morning to stretch? Also, won't this mixture go rancid over a 7 week period?

Jun 16, 2019
PE aka blood clot i have one in my left lung

my drink is 5 lemons cut, 60 garlic cloves, 2 inch ginger then blend it all together in the ninja then in a big pot and that with 2liter of essential boil water bring all to a boil then let it set and cool off, then strain it then put in in a glass jar I take 30ml of it, but others take 1 cup. it definitely cleanse your system out in a good way 2days later lol. eat healthy and exercise at least twice a day I do once when I can. blood clot in legs take up to 3months to dissolve on its own and the blood in lungs can take up to 6 months. so far it been 3months, but I just got referral yesterday for doctor to recheck it with the contrast. I will keep you all updated on everything. Also please Pray and keep me in your Prayers. God Bless you All.

Jul 05, 2019
Garlic and Lemon tea NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes it clears Arteries. What it does , is dissolved that plaque and cholesterol on the vein walls. It does tthat gradually. So that's why you stay on it for months . There is also a man named Deacon Stylz in Texas, that invented olive leaf tea. That is you boil olive leafs , add teaspoon of coffee or peppermint oil for flavor. Remember they use to say no cure for HIV or Herpes simplex, well that's not true. Olive Leaf tea cures all diseases as he stated. You would make a 16 oz cups every morning.

Jul 13, 2019
blood clots
by: Anonymous

Stacey - for blood clots try systemic proteolytic enzymes. They eat/dissolve clots and fibrous material and remove them from your system naturally.

Aug 13, 2019
blocked arteries. NEW
by: Torie and frank

My husband had silent painless heart attacks over unspecified time. Last week while doing a heart stress test he had another. Rushed to hospital. 100% blocked arteries. Found he's heart had rerouted around the damage. He also had a blood clot. No heart bypass could be done as veins and arteries were too weak to support a graft. Would have died if they weren't too busy. Had to get a professor in to do rounds. Sent home on a plethora of medication. Prayers were answered. (not the meds just the no operation)
We asked Dr about adding a few healthy herbs to diet like garlic, turmeric and lemon. She said yes as those are in the Mediterranean diet so acceptable. So we have made up the mixture and started using it. So now we're hoping it helps heal his arteries and heart. We're not unfamiliar with alternate therapies as I've cure a few incurable diseases including cancer.we just didn't know he had heart disease. So we're on another challenge.

Sep 07, 2019
Lemon and garlic to open up arteries NEW
by: Anonymous

You don’t boil this mixture, you only need to just bring to boil then take off and let sit till completely cold or longer so ingredients have time to soak, then strain into bottles..

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