Jade Oolong Tea - What's It?

by Ben Berger

I'm thinking of growing my own tea, and I have gotten quite interested in jade oolong tea. I want to know whats the difference in how its made and the other types. Thank you very much.


Ben, there is a brief explanation of jade oolong tea below:

Jade and Amber Oolong Tea -
Introducing Three Iron Goddess Styles

Besides Iron Goddess tea, the other very popular lightly oxidized oolong tea is the Taiwanese Baozhong tea.

You can find out more about this tea by searching this site or in the internet.

Your question about oolong tea processing can be found here:

Oolong Tea Processing -
A Pictorial Guide

Put it simply, jade oolong tea has minimal oxidation and bruising, so it is the greenest of oolong tea.

I hope this helps.


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