IShopO Tea

by Ray Lee
(Taipei, Taiwan)

How did your IshopO Tea get started?

Established in 2007, specializes in quality oolong tea and award winning tea grown and produced in Taiwan.

Where are you based? is based in Taiwan, home of the highest quality oolong tea.

What is unique about your tea shop?
IShopO makes quality Taiwan oolong tea and award winning tea available worldwide at the very best prices.

Which of your product is your personal must-try?
Unroasted sijichun (four season) oolong and cuiyu (jade) oolong are highly recommended for new tea drinkers.

Arishan oolong, cuifeng oolong, light roasted arishan jinxuan (milky) oolong are a must-try for people seeking premium oolong tea.

Regular pouchong and baihao oolong are great for tea lovers.

Which are your top best-selling products?
Unroasted sijichun (Four Season) oolong, baihao oolong, regular pouchong, tikuanyin, high mountain oolong are our best sellers.

What is your URL?

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