Huangshan Maofeng Tea for 2010

by Jeff
(Nashville, TN, USA)

When will the 2010 Maofeng tea be available?

To what extent has the 2009 Maofeng lost flavor/freshness at this point? Thanks

Jeff, thank you for the question.

I take it that you are asking about the Huangshan Maofeng A grade at about $6 per 50 grams?

This tea grows in the Yellow Mountain, which being more north, only starts the harvesting process mid April, and for this A grade - mid May. So by the time the factory does the packaging - you are really talking about June 2010.

I just finished drinking my packet of 2009 A grade a few weeks ago and it is still good. Obviously it is not as fresh as it was in June 2009 but if you brew it properly still has nice body and aroma.

At this time the best value green tea for the 2010 season is probably the Zhejiang Biluochun at $13 per 50 grams - apparently very nice for the 2010 season - literally just came out.

You can visit Tea Shop here.

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