How You Communicate With Tea Garden?

by Huai

Thank you for your generosity. I'll be looking forward to your shipment. Out of curiosity, let me ask you this.

How do you communicate with your farmer-supplier? Do they use the internet as well? For their farm (I presume it's a rural area), do they have access to courier services?

I presume that's how small quantities of goods are shipped out. I have the impression farmers are rather backward, wondering if modern farmers are different?

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Oct 06, 2007
Reply from Julian
by: Julian

A lot of the tea gardens are located in fairly inaccessible places, where people are less likely to be online.

Usually I deal with a family member of the tea garden, which uses the net to some extent. I also speak to them over the phone.

Still some other tea gardens (the larger ones) are fairly net-savvy.

The most important contact, of course, takes place face to face, when I visit their tea gardens.

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