How to Drink Tea

(Dallas, Texas, USA)

Tea should not be drank with sugar or milk.

If you boiled 3 cups of water and put 1/3 cup of sugar in it, is that healthy? NO, so how does adding a tea bag or 2, all of a sudden make it just what the doctor ordered.

The point of drinking green, black, oolong, white tea, etc is to rid the body of intoxicants and fat causing material.

And I love Thai Tea, but adding milk to your tea should be done sparingly if weight loss and longevity is your goal.

You might as well get a milkshake at Mcdonalds if you think Thai Tea is a healthy elixir.

One of the best green teas on the market cost less than $2 and last a minimum 3 months of use: Shanghai Special Gunpowder Green Tea.

Find it at your local Asian Market in the Tea Aisle.

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