Honey Benefits - How It Prevents Colds and Flu

by Steve Gregory
(Holland, MI)

After 15 years of eating 1-2 tablespoons of honey per day, I have positive results of the immunity building power of Honey. In the past, I would get 1 or 2 cases of the cold every winter (2 if the first was in the fall). I would also get the Flu about 1 out of every 2 years, occasionally a bad case.

Since I started the Honey routine, I have only caught the cold about 3 times (usually because I get lazy and don't eat the honey for a few days). I have not had the Flu once in the 15 years since I starting eating the honey on a regular basis.

I started eating honey routinely because of what a doctor showed me over 15 years ago at a demonstration.

He had some of us eat a candy bar, then showed us how weak our body strength was in just a few minutes. He also told us how our immune system was extremely weakened by sugar. Then it hit me.

I know our bodies are wonderfully made and it did not make sense that sugar should weaken our immune system. I realized that our body is expecting something different than artificial sugar, it is expecting a natural sugar which comes from honey, which is not the same chemical composition.

Our body lowers it's immune system temporarily to allow Honey access to it for some unexplained reason.

When I considered that, together with the fact that Honey is one of the only foods said by Solomon in the Bible to eat it because it is good for you, then I realized there is value in Honey.

True story.

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Jan 14, 2018
kinds of honey
by: Bruce

It would be most helpful if you specified which kind of honey,
raw unfiltered honey made by bees, or manmade clover honey.
Usually I hear that the raw honey is best but more expensive?

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