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Jan 06, 2015
by: Julian

Hey, it is quite possible. Here is the other thread you should read:

Tea and Allergy - Cause Sore Tongue?

Mar 14, 2016
Hisbiscus Tea and Sore Tongue
by: Deborah

The same thing happened to me! I have been trying to figure out why this cut is down the middle of my tongue and why it is so sore. I stopped drinking the tea, and used coconut oil, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to clean and sooth the tongue. I got to work this morning, drank some ice tea, usually I drink it hot, but this morning wanted to cool my tongue. Low and behold my lips are itching and my tongue hurts again. I will discontinue using it to see how long it takes my tongue to heal. I also have noticed it makes me dizzy as well.

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