Green Tea Questions

by Jyothsna
(Bangalore - India)

I have just started drinking green tea and have a few questions. How safe is it to lose weight? Can it lower blood sugar levels? When is it a best time to drink it?


Jyothsna, the answers to your questions can be found in the site. Here are some useful links:

Green tea is safe to drink for almost everyone. But if you have medical conditions, take care.

Green Tea Side Effects

How drinking green tea can help you lose weight safely and effectively.

Green Tea Weight Loss

Yes, drinking green tea can help you lower sugar levels.

Green Tea and Sugar

Finally, best time to drink green tea is in between meals, and during day time, not a few hours before sleep. But you may want to drink it with your meal to increase weight loss. However, this may sometimes lead to stomach discomfort.

How To Drink Tea

I hope this helps. Further answers to your questions can be found quite easily if you can use the site search function to your left.


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Feb 08, 2011
Two Litters of Green Tea a Day
by: Aarish Aara

I am trying to burn fat and start drinking "Two Litters" of Green Tea a day? Just wonder is this limit is good or do I need to increase or decrease the quantity?

Can any one explain the details of green tea? Is there any side effect?

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